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  • Tommy White Dog Collar
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Hamish McBeth Leather Dog Collar Tommy Black

NTK-C2 to 6
Usually ships within 2 days


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Product Description

Distinct design that exudes style and impeccable taste. A classic piece that will tirelessly reward the eye. The Tommy Black Leather Dog Collar from Hamish McBeth is black with white square holes.

Real leather.

Matching Leads are also available.


Size 2 2cm / 3/4" 22-26cm / 8.5"-11"
Size 3 2.5cm / 1" 27-32cm / 10.5"-12.5"
Size 4 2.5cm / 1" 34-38cm / 13.5"-15"
Size 5 2.5cm / 1" 40-46cm / 16"-18"
Size 6

3cm / 1.25"

48-54cm / 19.5"-23"

IMPORTANT: If your large dog needs serious man handling then this product is probably not suitable.

Please note this item is now discontinued.

Please also note that the Hamish Dog Tag is a decoration and should be removed from the collar before use.